Welcome to the Hawkeye Greyhound Association’s website

The Hawkeye-Greyhound Association is a non-profit professional and social organization whose purpose is to:

  • Enhance both the recognition and the prestige of the United States Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning and Carrier Onboard Delivery communities;
  • Apprise members of technical developments and professional accomplishments and to meet socially with general members of The Association,;
  • Provide its members, drawn from the widest sources, the opportunity to unite their efforts in pursuit of their goals.

The Hawkeye-Greyhound Association was established 4 November 1993 by a group of VAW and VRC active duty and retired officers and others sharing a common interest in the VAW community. The Association has since expanded to include the VRC aircrew/affiliates and was officially renamed the Hawkeye-Greyhound Association in 1999. Today, membership is open to anyone interested in subscribing to and promoting the objectives of the Association.