Welcome to the Hawkeye Greyhound Association’s website

The Hawkeye-Greyhound Association is a non-profit professional and social organization whose purpose is to:

  1. Enhance both the recognition and the prestige of the United States Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning and Carrier Onboard Delivery communities;
  2. Apprise members of technical developments and professional accomplishments and to meet socially with general members of The Association, and
  3. Provide its members, drawn from the widest sources, the opportunity to unite their efforts in pursuit of their goals.

The Hawkeye-Greyhound Association was established 4 November 1993 by a group of VAW and VRC active duty and retired officers and others sharing a common interest in the VAW community. The Association has since expanded to include the VRC aircrew/affiliates and was officially renamed the Hawkeye-Greyhound Association in 1999. Today, membership is open to anyone interested in subscribing to and promoting the objectives of the Association.

The Flight Blog

  • RIP – CAPT Thomas R.Overdorf, USN-Ret.

     Captain Thomas R. Overdorf USN, ret. died peacefully in his home on June 4th, 2015 at the age of 85.  Born in Johnstown, PA in 1929 to Theodore R. Overdorf and Lillian (Rodgers), Overdorf […]

  • 2015 VAW/VRC Merit Scholarships

    The 2015 application process opened in February 2015. Deadline for entry will be April 30, 2015. There will be one Captain Ed Caffrey Memorial Merit Scholarship and several Merit Scholarships awarded for 2015. Captain Ed […]

  • A Hawkeye for FID

      On 6 Jun 1967, the USS Forrestal departed Norfolk for her first deployment to Vietnam. Some 80 aircraft of CVW-17 were embarked (yes, we really did embark that many aircraft on a carrier […]

  • COMACCLOGWING Announces CY14 Safety “S” Awardees

      Captain Drew Basden, Commodore of the Hawkeye-Greyhound Wing is pleased to recognize the Providers of VRC-30 and the Bear Aces of VAW-124 for their selection as the Commodore’s Safety Award Winners Fourth Quarter […]

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